12 October 2011


Dear All, Its now been 3 months since I started this blog and my big plans for my goals, thought I would see how im doing so far...
My Goals
1.      Own a cat or dog - Nowhere on this, im very lucky that my landlord allows pets but as a full time office worker just not practical. Boo
2.      Take a course on Ceramics - there is a week long course in June at Bath City College, I'll be booking in the new year :)
3.      Take a course on Sewing - Not yet but the wonderful WI has monthly art courses: Lino Cutting this month!
4.      Own a Property - no progress yet but I am saving away :)
5.      Go on a yoga Retreat - no progress yet
6.      Drive around America for 3 months -  I have a really good book ...
7.      Write a Book - no progress yet :P
8.      Own a beautiful sofa - We have this fab shop in Bath, got my eye on this Beauty
9.      Own an Apple Computer -  I've applied for a bonus at work, If i get it then Boom! macbook ahoy!
10.  Get a job working with animals - as an update: I did not get either job with teh Guide Dog or RSPCA. Ho Hum, but I am still happy to be in Bath so its not all bad.
11.  Get married - No progress yet :P
12.  Buy a fabulous watch - Done! at this lovely Vintage Fair  last weekend and picked up a a beautiful art deco style pink faced Rotary watch. I love it!
13.  Go to a Roller Disco
14.  Be in a play
15.  Weigh 9.5 Stone - Not going that well....
16.  Join the WI - Done
17.  Give a lecture about Animals - The lovely WI have expressede an interest in having me as a speaker! so this could be achieved in the new year
18.  Go to New Orleans
19.  See a Play in London - Done
20.  Go on a cruise down the Nile
21.  Travel to another Country by train
22.  Hosting Christmas in my Home
23.  To have a Christmas tree decorated entirely with food : candy canes, pomanders, gingerbread men - You know, Im going do this in December, I'll be sure to take a picture!
24.  To have my 30th Birthday in Las Vegas - im just about to turn 28 so have time to save for this! (I reckon i could combine a fair few of this stateside ones together I could do 24, 25, 18, 6 even 5 perhaps all in one go, yes thats a good idea )
25.  Visit Miami
26.  Go to a Twenties themed party as a flapper - Done as of next Saturday!
27.  Get my picture in the Bath Life Society Pages - not yet!
28.  Live in another country (again)
29.  Paint a room
30.  Make cushions for my home - I have done this altough they are small and very amateur! I shall resolve to improve upon the last efforts!
31.  Host and afternoon tea party
32.  Buy furniture from Rossiters
33.  Make £100 selling old clothes on Ebay - Cureent Tally £4.20 better put some more stuff on there!
34.  Bake fabulous Courgette + Strawberry Cupcakes to raise money for a good cause - Doing in December with the W.I
35.  Visit Cardiff
36.  Stay in a 5* Hotel
37.  Go on a cruise
38.  Go to a Christmas market outside of the UK
39.  Go to a Car boot sale
40.  Go to a Village Fayre
41.  Have a Facial and a manicure - Doing in November on my yearly visit to Boston, USA
42.  Embrace vintage infatuation - going along steadily I think!

So lets see, 12 of 42 done or almost done
I'll aim to get a few more done by Xmas :)

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  1. Going well! Think I need to review my New Years Resolution list for this year. Let's see some pictures of your new watch! Most definitely blog-worthy!