13 October 2011

26. Art deco Love...

I am fan of Art Deco, as you may have surmised from my no.26 goal: dress as a flapper for a twenties themed party, which I will be fulfilling for my Birthday party next week :D and of course my Art Deco era watch (no.12 done!) here's a picture due to popular demand (by one person, bless you Eleni :)) note the linear symmetry and streamlined curves, swoon!

and I will be further researching my art deco dame role by going to see In Woody Allen’s new film: Midnight in Paris, tonight at the little theatre, Bath. Set largely in the 1920's which is good cos I wouldn't watch a Woody Allen film for any lesser reason! here's a  pic of Marion Cotillard’s character,  the seductive 1920′s muse:



  1. Damn, I have such a girl crush on Marion Cotillard! but I don't really like Woody Allen...let me know how the movie is!

  2. I can report that midnight in Paris is brilliant! very whimsical, a little grating (several cartoonishly annoying americans) and beautiful! by far my favourite Woody Allen film x