21 October 2011

No.2+3 courses on sewing and ceramics

The essence of these goals was to have a chance to use my crafty side a bit more often: I love doing arty stuff but it often seems to get shunned for more practical duties! (damn you washing and cleaning...)

So anywho, I felt very happy I was on the right path by going to a lino printing workshop at the Paragon School last night. Lino cutting+printing for those that dont know involves cutting out images on lino (not dissimilar to the flooring sort!) and using it to make prints like this

This is my effort, currently just a cutting as we have yet to ink up and do the printing stage. but I very much enjoyed working on my little project -a partridge in a pear tree, in an old school art room, took me right back to college days, when all I did was art!

Hopefully I will soon have some proper prints to show you and use as christmas cards!



  1. Ooh, well done! How was the class? Good turnout?

  2. It was a nice class, but every other woman there was a "Paragon school mummy!" which was a tad offputting! but certainly very nice and we'll go back for a second session for the printing :)