14 February 2014

Pride? and Science and stuff

Do you know what I did today dear readers? I gave up a sixth of my salary to keep a children's science fair running - yeah, I know, I don't even like kids! but I do like science, and the 'Bath Taps into Science fair' means a lot, to a lot of people, and I'll be damned if it goes under on my watch.

I remember when the founder of these fairs told me that if he could make 'one child smile' with science, it would all be worth it. I rolled my eyes! and told everyone what a crazy hippy he was - except now, when people are trying to turn this thing into a corporate advertising project. Suddenly I find myself fighting with the hippies - this is supposed to be about inspiring people, delighting them, showing them what wonders there are in the world of science.

So our budgets got unceremoniously cut, and all that was left was what I'm getting paid. Which makes me laugh, because I spend a huge amount of time whinging about how I get paid less than the office cleaners. But I continue to help on these crazy projects, because there is no one else to do it, so I suppose thats why I gave up the money, because there's no one else it seems. Damn pesky kids......they better learn something!


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