5 February 2014

On Goals

This article came out a few months ago but has some very interesting insights on goals via some UK based research of 2,000 men and women and their top 10 life ambitions.

So let’s see, I've already lived abroad, and done various selfless volunteer work (It’s kind of weird that that one needed to be on there with an age deadline, could people not get round to helping a charity any sooner?! it’s not particularly hard)

I have no intention of waiting till I'm 42 to travel the world, but I suppose by that age I would have seen a fair chunk of it, so maybe that's what it means. The order of some of the goals seems kind of odd to me; you'd rather get married than travel the world?! Jeez, and you'd rather have a family and own a dream home than do something selfless? (On the other hand, who am I to say what dreams people should have, happiness is after all very personal)

Overall these goals seem incredibly generic - I've no doubt this 'research' came in a tick box form hence the lack of any more exciting life goals (where's lose $100 in Vegas? learn to surf? swim with sharks? climb a volcano? - I'd take any of those over learning another language for example)

Inspired by this article, I pondered what my top 10 life goals would be if I had to refine my list, to the very quintessence of what I want to my life to be. My top 10:

1) Travel the world (a huge amount of my goals can be wrapped up within this one)

2) Find my calling/dream job (whatever that may be....)

3) Own a dog

4) Own a home

5) Live abroad (again)

6) Teach

7) Be an expert (in something... this is kinda similar to 2+6 tho)

8....) Now, for someone who has a blog about achieving goals, I got a bit stumped here - I like have fun and silly goals, but if it came down to the crunch and I had to pick just a few - I think Travel, Own, Teach - that would do me just fine. Maybe it’s just the mood I'm in today.

I suppose continuing some things woulde ncapsulate many of my goals: continue to seek new challenges, continue to value my friends and family, continue to learn, continue to make mistakes, and continue to try

Oh but for 10 I'll have this one, although perhaps this should be number 1...

10) Be Kind, be relentlessly and unequivocally kind, as often as humanly possible.

So friends, if you could have just ten life goals, what would they be? :)


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