17 January 2014


So here we are, January 17th! Its Friday and whilst, as always there is much to do at work I am excited for the weekend.

17 days into 2014 and I have:
  • Tried out two classes at Baths' new Yoga studio
  • Been to a spa afternoon with Emma and then a spa members party both at my favourite: Bath Spa Hotel
  • Back to Crossfit
  • Ran 6 miles, with 8 planned for tomorrow
  • Bought Tickets for a Venetian Ball at the Assembly rooms
  • Been for tea and cake with lovely Eleni (who is currently unwell, feel better soon!)
  • Redesigned my CV and applied for 5 new jobs
  • Arranged a coffee date (will report back)

This time last year I lamented on the issues with time that I'm sure we all struggle with, not enough of it, or not enough doing the things we really want. Its a daily struggle for, it really is, to make the most of my days when all I often feel like doing is crawling under a duvet and never resurfacing.

But trying is a good start yes?


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