20 January 2014


I am very excited that I have a 7 day pass to the Bath Spa hotel spa+gym starting today.

But am already feeling panicky and guilty for not working more on my yoga studies at the weekend. I started essay 9 of 10 on friday but my practical workshop in March is not far off and I'll have to actually teach, actual people arrgh! and I have to sit an exam which is news to me! = panic, my memory of all the bones and muscle groups is not great, and then there's the poses and the specific muscles they work.

I always have this nagging feeling that I'm not doing enough, not learning enough, not working hard enough....its tough! anyways to resolve this problem at least for today - I've got a to do list to finish in the office, a yoga class to attend at lunch time, then I'll run 4 miles in the hotel gym (a treadmill, what luxurious novelty!), relax in the spa and then there is a lovely chillout space with tea and comfy chairs - I'm going to print off some yoga articles to study whilst I'm there. Phew I always feel better with a plan - even if its just for today :) *

*Is this a completely 'first world problems'? I should probably pull it together....

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  1. You know who to call if you need a guinea pig class!