22 October 2013

Number 30

Not number 30 on The List (although I was tickled to see no. 30 goal is visit Miami, which I will be doing in 3 weeks!)

But 30 years, that's right, today is my birthday and I've hit the big 30. I feel.... pretty much the same! But what I am really grateful for is the push that this impending year has given me. I've achieved a lot this year, several of those achievement so great I can barely believe I did them (I'm eyeballing you, Tough Mudder)

Now, about this time last year I made some Birthday resolutions for my 29th year which were:

1) Find a job more suited to my skills see (Goal .18) - Not done, but now I am training to be a yoga teacher perhaps I will find my dream job is something quite different to the ones I have imagined...and I am am fully prepared to accept that my job hunt has been haphazard and unsuccessful because I don't really know what I want to do. I will continue to strive for this, to find my dream career, its all anyone can do really.
2) Weigh at most: 10 stone (Goal .22) whatevs :P
3) Save £20,000 -  (Goal 14) not even close! but I will be putting the birthday money I received straight into my savings and put said savings into an ISA for safe keeping.
4) Go on a date - 5 dates total; with two very different men - the wealthy, handsome IT guy, who stood me up in the end and the arrogant author, who I couldn't stand in the end. Well, I can tick that off the list! now, to happy spinsterhood....
5) Book a yoga retreat. booking on pay day, I'm going in February with a work pal. A full on, actual, yoga, detox and pilates retreat! finally! This is the first of two I have planned. This one being a long weekend. The second will be a week in Spain in September, all being well.

Aside from these goal lets have a lil' recap of my year as a 29 year old:
  • Studied for and completed a course in veterinary care
  • Trained for, and ran the 12 mile demon that is Tough mudder
  • Decided to and signed up to be Yoga teacher
  • Travelled to Paris, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Chicago, Lake District and in 3 weeks; Peru, The Amazon rainforest and Miami
  • Signed up for the Bath Half Marathon
  • Became a trustee for the RSPCA
  • 10 months (and counting) of Crossfit

Its been a good year, and I hear-by pledge to make the next one equally rocking in my goals and adventures, turning 30 pushed me to do new things, and I want to keep that momentum going.

Now, I'm off to pick up my birthday cake, have a massage and drink champagne!


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