7 October 2013

Moody Monday

I'm sure I can't be the only one who suffers badly with the Monday blues, but today is a particular doozy. As things seem to be sliding a tad downhill with my life in general - this weekend for example I had a few cocktails too many and talked maniacally to my crossfit coaches we ran into whilst out drinking because 'I desperately wanted them to like me' no doubt an ego ricochet from a recent romantic rejection AND running into an old boyfriend whilst looking like crap. I'm feeling uncool, unliked and a general mess.

So as list are obviously my thing, and soothe me. Lets have 10 things I am grateful for and 5 mini goals for my week, in an attempt to cheer myself up:

1. My work allows me to go to 3 lunchtime yoga sessions each week
2. I have the means to take on my yoga teacher training - not everyone has the time/money, I should be grateful that I could basically pick this up on a whim
3. In 5 weeks I'm travelling to the Amazon Rainforest (for crying out loud!)
4. I have a small and select group of lovely friends - who accept me even tho I'm weird. From this day forth I shall never again 'try' and make people like me. I shall simply be nice, and hope for the best, a few less cocktails would probably help as well.
5. I live in a nice flat, in a nice city, in a country that has health care, and plumbing, etc
6. I am fit and healthy - so easily taken for granted, but I sure miss it when I've thrown my back out!
7. I can go home after work and choose exactly what I do with my time, and answer to no one. If want to curl up in bed with a book, and a bowl of chips, I can (and I will!)
8. I have enough disposable income for the occasional takeaway and cinema trip - not to be sniffed at
9. I have a packed schedule of activities for my week - even tho work is a drag I have lots of extracurricular activities to fill my time/look forward to
10. Its October, I love October and the impending festive season.

1. To write down a list to 'to dos' for each day at work and DO THEM I am a terrible doss at work, but life would be much less stressful if I actually did some work.
2. Do Laundry - because I always feel better for getting it done
3. Clean the flat. Again, cos I feel better for it.
4. Go to all the commitments I have scheduled for the week: Crossfit 4 times, 2 runs, craft class, writing workshop, 3 hours of yoga theory, 3 yoga classes, and an afternoon tea. Because while I may not be in the mood - its not like I will use the time productively if I don't go, and will undoubtedly regret it.
5. Apologise to the crossfit coaches for being so drunk and over familiar and then LET IT GO I've been cringing about it all weekend. I can't change it, its not like I was nasty, just silly, so I just need to get over it.

and, just like that, its Friday afternoon. I'm at my desk with classic fm on and a coffee. I've done my laundry and am tidying the flat tonight. I've done all my yoga classes and read my yoga textbook. I'm looking forward to a weekend of afternoons teas and a spot of running. Life feels just fine and cosy. A little happy ending for the weekend :)


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