12 August 2013

Monday Monotony

As I have just text a friend of mine to say -it is entirely too easy to be a dosser in my office - I'm here on my own (the other 2 inhabitants are both part timers) often and this can be very nice for playing classic fm and writing blogs, researching Internet fluff and booking holidays;

but with an incredibly fuzzy job role such as mine I can pretty much get a way with doing VERY little work some days. Today is one such day. So far I have booked a pedicure (not usually my thing but I got  cheap deal on groupon) and found an exciting new jerk shrimp recipe I want to try. (I tested out jerk chicken this weekend for some friends and it was a delicious success.) I've looked on all the job search websites I can find and have found no exciting jobs to apply for.

I've also had a good trawl through that fabulous Messy Nessy Chic Blog as it is full of beautiful and interesting distractions. She has a fun regular post of interesting things she has found on the Internet
e.g which offer fabulous little snippets of interest.

I had a go myself, on a smaller scale, its harder than it looks, after all the Internet is awash with information, so seeking and finding interesting little snippets took longer than I thought, I started off by googling 'Art Deco', and tried to find tales of some varied things!

5 thing I found on the Internet today

1.  A beautifully restored art-deco garage in West Sussex 

Full article in Mail Online

2. A Selection of Beautiful and sad abandoned mansions

Full article on Travel Oven

3. A very pretty Gibson Girl Tattoo - that I'm not sure I actually like - if the artwork and subject are beautiful does that make a beautiful tattoo? I'm not so sure...

Found on Sailor Andy 's  Blog

Some more info on the ideal of the 'Gibson Girl' on Wikipedia

4. This village in Giethoorn, Netherlands has no roads. You take a boat to go to travel anywhere

From the very engrossing facebook page Places to see before you die

5. 5 Social skills everyone should have, according to Boston.com's Miss Conduct. Found here
I'm not sure these 5 are really THE definitive 5 most important, and quite culturally specific as I'm pretty sure most English people could cook a 1 pot meal - whereas stateside it is rarer.

My 5 would definitely include being able to ask someone to get out of the way politely, being able to make small talk with a stranger for at least 5 minutes, and the ability to tell a waiter/hairdresser/designer your not happy with their service -a very tricky one! oh and of course my top social peeve - not checking/playing with your phone during a conversation with someone!

1. Giving and receiving compliments gracefully.
2. Writing a thank-you note.
3. Writing a clear and courteous business letter or e-mail.
4. Admitting when you don't know something and taking appropriate action.
5. Making a tasty one-pot meal (e.g., chili or a nice chicken soup).

here are some extra pearls for those keen to be a proper lady!



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