26 October 2012


I always feel January 1st is a crummy time to make resolutions: its dark and cold - the warm glow of Christmas is fading fast - I am not in the mood to be a better person but simply to quietly hoover up the last of the festive snacks and keep warm.

However now I have just had my 29th Birthday I think this year is going to have to be one of positive actions/resolutions: I'd like to go into my thirties with a feeling that I have achieved a lot in my first 30 years and positive about the next 30.

So my 'Before I hit 30' list (in addition/conjuntion to my goal list):
1) Find a job more suited to my skills see (Goal .18)
2) Weigh at most: 10 stone (Goal .22) God, I've been going on about this one for ages! and getting there at a snails pace, 10st isn't even my final goal. But if I am 10 stone at 30 - I'm happy with that.
3) Save £20,000 - This will be a tad controversial/and perhaps a bit of a pipe dream - and will invlove me continuing to not own a car. But I think if I have this amount in the bank and locked away in an ISA when I hit 30 I'll be set for ONE DAY achieving that property owning goal or at the very least - ready for that 3 month drive around the states (Goal 14). The main problem here is that I'm not even half way there yet. I will have to do some serious saving - but I think it will be worth it :)
4) Go on a date: god, is this one a bit sad?! it has been several years now since I have been on a date, and frankly I can't say I have any desire to go on one - but so that I at least make an effort to avoid being a spinster forever (which, by the way I find quite appealing on the right days) and in the interest of keeping 'in the game' I will aim to at least go on a few dates.
5) Book a yoga retreat: its my idea that I could go to Vegas for a few days with my buddies for my birthday and then go to a retreat for a few days (as I don't think any of my friends are retreat types) - look at some of my current favourites:


Plus a new one for the big list!
52. Stay At Burgh Island Hotel http://www.burghisland.com/about_us_1.html how did this not make the first list?! this is an art deco dream that I was reminded of when I told a friend about it. It is mega bucks but oh so amazing - maybe for my 40th birthday?! :P



  1. A fantastic list, my dear! Perhaps I ought to put one together for myself?

    1. Obviously a good list is my Raison d'ĂȘtre! but I find a list comforting when the world is saying 'by the time you're 30 you should have these things.....'

      I can say 'screw that, I've got goals of my own!' xxx