15 June 2012


*sigh* I gotta tell you guys, Boston, I love it. My heart aches when I think about it when I'm this side of the pond. All the most awesome stories from my life come from being stateside: the time I let a yank fly me to Minnesota for our 2nd date, the time I lost $100 in 30 seconds in Vegas, when we sold all our furniture and were left with just the sofa that stayed in the garden.

I know its a cliche to call it the land of opportunity but my god are they right! the air is thick with opportunity for adventure over there. If I bring one thing back with me every time I go there its to remind myself of the first time I went to America, I was moving there at the same time, in that first week: complete culture shock, broken heart, Homesick. But I managed to grow to love it by saying yes to any opportunity that came my way. I try and do that here to which usually works out pretty well: I always say yes to an invite! or at least try!

So Boston 2012?
Lots of this...
Thankyou to The Intercontinental Hotel for their sunrise yoga programme

That's me with the blue top!

Some of this: Newport, Rhode Island and its' beautiful mansions

and of course lots of amazing food! (I am now on a diet, vis-a-vis goal number 22)


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