22 June 2012

Goal 22. weigh 9.7 stone

Ahh weight, always a good one to rant about! Last time I blogged about this I weighed 10 and a half stone so this goal was just 14 (ish) pounds away from my grip, I even bumped up the goal to 9.7 instead of 9.5 as original suggested!

Well, I haven't done it. The opposite in fact, I've been eating big bars of Cadburys caramel! and, well its caught up with me! inevitable this was going to end badly, but I did one of these body fat analyses at work and its not great news:
  • You'll note I weigh 11st 5lbs (aaaaaaaaaaa!)
  • BMI is 'overweight' ugh
  • Subcutaneous fat levels are not just high, but very high
  • My skeletal muscle is low! this was particularly annoying as I'm a pretty regular gym goer.




Damn, OK better get on this then. I've gone for calorie control; 1400 a day and I'm trying to get to the gym as often as possible. Its also inspired me to go back to Kettlebells, yes its hellish but it builds muscle, and it seems I'm in need of that!
The good news is this event has prompted my weight loss adventure which I started in earnest 2 weeks ago and I am currently on 10st 11lb. My first milestone is to get to 10st 3lbs and from there its 10 more pounds to 9st 7lb :) Lets do this!





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  1. You can do it! You've had a tough time, don't be too hard on yourself for comfort eating...but now you're in a marvellous new place (mentally and literally) and you can create a better routine. The end is in sight!