29 June 2012

Future Me

I don't know if any of you guys have heard of this website http://www.futureme.org/ which is a very simple premise that you send an email to yourself to be delivered at any point in the future that you specify (5 years time, 50 years’ time, 5 days’ time)

It has been uncannily good at raising my spirits of late. The first email I sent to my 'future self' was the end of last year, knowing full well my relationship was a disaster but lacking the bravery to sort it out I sent this to myself for this year, and promptly completely forgot about it, then a week after me and the Boy broke up and I was panicking that I'd made a huge mistake... up pops this message. How well I predicted exactly when I would need to hear it:

Dear FutureMe,
You are so brave!! You knew he wasn't the right man for you. Yes it was warm and comfortable, but you were right to leave. He was bitter, and cruel, and a bully, you did the right thing. I know you didn’t really want to do it because you liked the flat and it was nice to have someone to watch telly with.
Now think of how much better things are:
You're saving money, you're eating healthier (most of the time :P) your free to go wherever and whenever you please. You don’t ever have to spend Christmas doing things you don’t want to do.
Even if you feel dark and lonely right now.
Trust me
You did the right thing, (now go organise a cup of tea and cake with Eleni and Mary-Anne)


Then today I got this one (which I was prompted to write after the first one arrived):

Dear FutureMe,
Well gosh didn't that last letter come at exactly the right time?! You've done it you are single

Now that you have all your stuff in the flat it's time to start kicking ass, after all you blamed being in the relationship for being fat, miserable and not achieving all you could. No excuses now!

So here are some things you HAVE to start doing now you've had time to regroup and rest:
1) Go running twice a week, doesn't have to be that far do the route round walcot street and down over Pultney bridge - this is in addition to going to the 4 times a week at work
2) Pick a date for your housewarming tea party

3) Buy the animal care course: it’s the cost of a month’s rent, so you can spare it, it'll be interesting and it'll be nice to achieve something.
4) Get the internet: go with Orange they seem nice (and its vital for number 3!)
5) If you haven't already go buy a bookcase, shoe rack, a sideboard, a chair, and maybe a rug? make this place your own!

Its Friday today, so go have a wicked weekend, achieve lots! have fun!
Lots and lots of Love, stop pining for Cambridge Place, it was just a flat and he wasn't right for you!!! you had to leave at some point.

Again some sound advice and perfect timing....from me!
And I have already done, 2,4+5 so I feel happy I'm on the right track!

I recommend trying this yourself, it’s a great way to check-in with yourself and make sure you are achieving your goals.


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  1. Wow, well done these are excellent! And I'm honoured I made it into the first letter - we ought to have tea and cake, then, oughn't we?!!