9 September 2011

No.18 Visit New Orleans

Work is nullifying (I've never used this word before, but it sprang to mind as I was sitting at my desk updating webpages...zzzz) today so instead I shall show you the small progess I have made for No.18 Visit New Orleans. Small progress it is but I have been on Amazon.co.uk (oh sweet facilitator to all my foolish ideas and fancies!) and purchase the DK eyewitness book on New Orleans and "the world that made New Orleans" and also found a few blogs inspired by New Orleans, particulary excited about New Orleans Cuisine! I have to do my homework if I am going to visit and fully appreciate this fine place!

Over and Out xxx

1 comment:

  1. Hello Sarah:
    It is, we feel, always important to do one's 'homework' [tedious though that may sound] before visiting a new place. In the event one really does get so much more from it through some kind of preparation.

    Have a very happy weekend.