20 September 2011

No.15 Weigh 9.5 Stone

Welllllll, best not put this one off any longer! its more economical than anything else, I have several beautiful vintage dresses that I can't squeeeeeze into anymore and I really want to wear them!

I currently Weigh 10.8 stone so its just over a stone to lose. thing is I'm at the gym almost everyday but I loooove my chocolate and kettle chips (mmmm kettle chips....)
But in announcing I intend to get back into my lovely vintage dresses, that means I actually have to do it or I'll look like a quitter :p and frankly I eat too much crisps and chocolate, this should really be about eating healthier and the weight will be a added bonus.

Im also encouraged by this inspirational Lady, she is running marathons in her weight loss journey!



  1. Hello Sarah:
    At the risk of sounding rather brutal and uncompromising, neither of which is intended,it is really a matter of discipline. No more, no less! For the time being, as, sadly, of now, there can be no chocolate or crisps, or anything similar come to that. Each time you are tempted, simply go and swish through the hangers of your lovely vintage dresses which each hour are becoming closer to being worn!!

  2. I would suggest starting by banning them from the house (and work). Have some crisps when you're in the pub, for a treat. Have some chocolate when you're in the cinema, for a treat. But nevermore shall yea buy them from the supermarket along with you usual groceries!

    Or, as I have read other bloggers do, only snack on things which you have baked yourself. Homemade cakes and biscuits contain far less chemical crap than store-bought ones, plus you'll consume less because of the extra time it takes to make them! BUT you will simultaneously feel like a productive and virtuous blogger, and you can share pictures of your delectable culinary efforts with us all :)

  3. Damn your good! some excellent tips, thankyou! x