16 September 2011

No.16 The WI

A fluff piece for Friday: now that im signed up for the bi-monthly craft evening and the book club, suffice to say I am well and truely a WI member. Hence I couldn't resist getting myself a WI pin badge!

I'm really excited about being part of a club again, its not something we do as adults so much. I was certainly in fair few club at University: of the sports and drinking variety, I was even in the LGBT club for a while.... but now as *shudder* a fully fledged adult im glad I've found a new club to be part of, along with the lovely Eleni drinks Tea. I think we all like to feel part of something. Hence im showing my 'colours' with pride!

:D X


  1. Hello:
    We think that the WI, especially those local groups which have a wide age profile, is a most enterprising and interesting group to belong to. We are sure that you will both have enormous fun and are quite sure that there will be many new things to interest and intrigue. The badge looks very stylish too....yes, wear with pride!!!

  2. Jane and Lance; Im so touched by your kind support of my little ventures! what a sweet sweet pair you are :) thank you, truely x