17 August 2011

Number 42. Embrace Vintage Infatuation

Like a Beatles fan holding her Vinyl record from the sidelines of the scrum of screaming girls, or the girl sitting on the bleachers with no date at Prom I have often found myself looking forlornly at lovely ladies effortlessly pulling off vintage looks and wishing I too could be like these beautiful creatures!

I certainly own some lovely vintage pieces, like this Wartime Ball Gown:
and of course what one might call extreme vintage with my Jane Austen events! But if I am to truly embrace vintage living I think there are some things I need to do: for a start I have been looking in the fabulous DaddyOs website for more vintage outfits I can wear to work and to more casual events, as most of my vintage dresses are party numbers that only get out once in a blue moon. During the week I look decidly non-vintage at work: no make-up, hair not done, any bombshell worth her salt would be disgusted! this is partly because I go to the gym most days (See Goal no.15) , Im going to have to get more inventive!

I also think attending more vintage events would be a great way to meet new friends, so I have signed up to the vintage forum Vintage Schmintage in the hope of meeting some lovely people and finding inspiration! and in true vintage style I am joining the WI (Goal no.16) in September to further continue my love of baking and sewing, I couldnt be more excited! also I feel I simply must, at long last, learn how to do Victory Rolls properly! and have my eye on this Vintage Hairstyles book.

So, postive steps towards goal number 42!

Wishing You Well x

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