25 August 2011

No. 10 Dilemma

Now No.10 is quite a big one: "Get a job working with animals" my MSc in Animal Behaviour dances around in my conciousness as a reminder I should be utilising it somehow, at present I work as a glorified secretary, not without its perks, but certainly not world-changing or a good use of my degrees.

I have been offered an interview working as a Research Assistant with Guide dogs for the Blind Association, a noble charidee and whopping pay rise......but its in Reading (2 hours in total from Bath)

I am just the WORST at making decisions especially important ones! Now Im quite happy and getting more settled by the day in Bath city, I cant decide if I really want to up sticks to move to Reading.

Should I wait for an opportunity closer to Bath where I am happily settled? Or seize this opportunity to improve my career and go for the interview?




  1. Oh, you're killing me with the puppy photo! I say got to the interview, find out what the hours and the money are like, and if they make it feasible to commute for a couple of months then give it a try! There are certainly worse places than Reading, and you'd soon get used to the travelling - I used to travel for an hour and a quarter each way in one of my London jobs! Check out the train prices as well, though. But definitely, definitely go for the interview! Good luck!

  2. Isnt he a cutie! Sound words of advice, lots of people commute im sure I could manage! x