4 March 2015

March'in Forward

Its March! Blimey the year is marching along! So I better catch up before I get whisked along too quickly. I set March as a deadline for my 2015 Resolutions I am going to reschedule a few with a new May deadline.

  • Put money into an ISA - not done - the rental deposit for a lovely new flat knocked me off my intended goal - but will do it by May
  • Lose 7lbs - I have lost 4lbs, next 3 have to go by May!
  • Book a yoga retreat and holiday with D - Deposit for peak district holiday pending on Friday, yoga retreat...not yet, finances have taken a big hit. I will get to a yoga retreat one day!
  • Do yoga at the location of each conference trip I attend - I enjoyed 2 lovely classes in Manchester whilst visiting for a conference
  • Study 1 hour of yoga theory per week - can be class structure, history or anatomy - Lots of exciting yoga plans coming up, I've had fun planning new classes.

1 comment:

  1. Honestly i have been trying to get myself to get into yoga myself. So many people have advised me for it saying its the cure to majority of my health issues. Pray for me !