28 January 2015

Exciting Lists

I'm delighted to have the opportunity to tick off some goals from my lists. (and add back in just as many new ones!)

Of my Yoga teaching goals I have 
  • Earnt back my training and registration costs (and extras like business cards and mats) approx. £600 
  • Have my own website - sentiayoga.com
  • All that remains is to teach at an Om Yoga show
  • almost saved the amount I want to put into an ISA
  • I have lost 4 lbs
  • Made plans to go on a yoga weekend in Las Vegas and go on holiday to Scotland with D
  • Went for coffee with CH and has a fabulous time catching up!
  • All set to meet up with E - in Manchester
  • A doing well to Study 1 hour of yoga theory per week - can be class structure, history or anatomy

Las Vegas To Dos
I'll be in Las Vegas at the end of May for an event I'm organising with work
i'm finally getting into the swing of my job and am going to celebrate by making the most of my time stateside :)

  • In Vegas May 30th - june 4th
  • Check out Forum shops and Malls
  • See a Show
  • I've found a retreat I'll attend for the weekend June 5th-7th, in Big Sur
  • Then I'll go explore San Francisco
  • Go to Yoga Tree San francisco, See the Japanese Garden and the Golden Gate Bridge


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