6 November 2013


Morning Lovelies!

Finally getting round to a lil' review of the Om Yoga Show. As you know I'm training to be a yoga teacher so it seemed like a sensible idea to explore a bit deeper into the yoga community as well as enjoy a bit of shopping and try a range of cool classes.

Me and Sarah headed to London on the Friday 25th:

The class schedule was amazing - once you paid £8-£12 admission there were so many open classes that were free, there were four big areas with every kind of yoga/massage/dance/meditation you could imagine. Me and Sarah were spoilt for choice! we wanted to try out lot of new things so we settled on:

Learn Thai massage - This was really interesting, Sarah and I worked in a pair and learnt some great stretches for hips, back and shoulders.
Shakti Dancing - Because it was too bonkers not to! and actually it was pretty fun and a nice way to loosen our tired crossfit joints.
Aerial yoga - Really cool, really fun, but not easy! you can buy the rigs to put up in your home, tho I fear I would just use it as another place to nap....
Vinyasa Flow - One of my favourite styles of yoga - the teacher was pretty good although it was quite an intensive class despite being classed 'for all levels' Sarah kept up admirably as a newbie yogini!

There were also 100+ stalls selling all the yoga goodies you could ever need: clothing, matts, books, jewellery, vegan food, herbs and lots of stalls for retreats and workshops.

It was a long day fitting everything in, next year I would love to go for 2 days because there is so much on offer and so many cool classes to do.

So here are some fun snaps of our day :)



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