12 November 2013


Dearest Blog,

I'm leaving you for a fortnight for a full blown, honest to god, ADVENTURE. 2 weeks, The Amazon Rainforest, The River, Lima, Iquitos, and a sprinkling of Miami on the way home.

In addition, whilst I'm delighted about leaving England for this adventure I also have much to look forward to on my return - namely a potential job teaching yoga! its all just in the pipeline right now (sigh, I've said that before but one must be positive!) Oh my god, am I actually going to train for something and then work in that field?! That'll be a first!

I feel very pleased, honoured, and driven to make this happen - a few months ago I had a goal , started the process to make it happen and learn, and hopefully in 2014 I'll see that goal fully realised.

How exciting!  I'm taking comfort in my achievements this year that I previously thought impossible. This is very helpful when I am trying to master Firefly pose or Peacock, and the terror in my heart at the idea of teaching a room full of people........cos right now it seems impossible :p ! (I'll save my trials and tribulations with advanced postures for another day)


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