27 July 2012

Goal 18. Interview

I like to keep everyone up to date on my interviews for awesome animal-ness jobs, at the very least it reminds me to keep trying, keeping plugging away! This one tho, guys, this one..... first off, its in Surrey which is a bit of a bummer as I would happily stay in Bath forever (uh ooh, what happened to my wanderlust?! am I *gulp* becoming settled!?)

Anyways this job is to PA for a very notable Zoologist helping with all manner of exciting conservation projects in Africa: Potential for exciting travel; check. Making a difference; check. potential bonkersness: check (The previous PA noted she was just as likley in any one day to be feeding monkeys, taking minutes or organising a last minute dinner for 10 with a pianist)

I feel like this is the job I was meant to do: like everything I've done up to this point will all be completely worth it if I get this job; a perfect combination of what I love (Animals and adventure) and the job I fell into after graduation but as it turns out am pretty good at (PA-ing)

My interview is on Tuesday. I shall keep you posted!!!


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  1. Oh.My.GOD! This sounds amazing! Good luck!