23 May 2012

......Make Lemonade

Now I'm not one to impart advice or anything, I very rarely consider myself knowledgeable enough about anything to advise others on it. However I am more than happy to tell you about what I'm up to, as I adjust to single life, and maybe that might be useful.

Numbers of weeks I have been single: 2.5

So as you can imagine still feeling very sore about the whole thing. However I am pleased with my ability to 'turn Lemons in Lemonade' as it were. Each time I have found myself down I have done something to pick myself up again for example:

On Monday I had a bit of a cry as a book I had ordered for ex-Mr Fields' birthday arrived. So I called Eleni and we went out for lunch at the lovely Wild Cafe. Also I had organised a trip to London to see a play for Mr fields' birthday, not wanting the money I'd spent to go to waste I invited and old friend to meet me in London and we had a lovely time at the Donmar Warehouse and, the BBQ joint to end all BBQ joints: Bodeans. So while I do miss him terribly, I am doing very well at keeping myself occupied!

Also I am delighted that in the last 2.5 weeks I have:
  • Booked tickets for a Secret Tea Party, a Prohibition cocktail party and a Midsummer ball
  • Set the date for my housewarming party
  • Had cocktails at Opium bar with Sarah, Eleni and Verity
  • Been to the beautiful wedding of Kev + Kim, two of my most favouritist people
  • Sat in Kingsmead square in the sunshine drinking tea with Eleni
  • Had drinks and nibbles in the Ring O' Bells with Sarah
  • Been to see Sarah sing at the old farmhouse pub, what a voice she has!
  • Had gin cocktails with Mary-Anne
  • Blagged a free gym pass and went to the gym on a Sunday
  • Eaten a picnic and read a book in the Parade Gardens
  • Been to a 'beer festival' hosted by the lovely Sarah and Johnny
  • Had drinks in the sun with two of my favourite co-workers

I've done so much and already can see that my life has very swiftly become much more how I would like it to be, full of friends and fun and unexpected little adventures.


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