9 May 2012

Be Busy

More of a temporary salve than a goal, but in an attempt to best deal with being single and miserable after the end of a 2 year relationship. I am being busy!

So far:
Weekend of 5/6th May: went to a lovely wedding of Kev+Kim. A perfect day
Tuesday: Applied for a new job at the University, coffee and cake after work with lovely Eleni
Wednesday (Today): Pilates at lunchtime and going to the Ballet with Dadsy this evening
Thursday: Yoga at lunchtime and Headhunters at the cinema, because who doesn't love a bit of gritty Swedish crime thriller (no one I'm sure)
Friday: Hole up in my new place with a dvd, tomorrow is going to be exhausting
Saturday: Officially moving out of the lovely flat me + Mr Fields shared.
Sunday: Breakfast at the wild cafe? I'll have earnt it! and going to see Sarah sing at the Old Farmhouse Pub

Next week.....W.I Meeting, and I think tea with the girls is in order.


1 comment:

  1. Best way to do it! And breakfast at the Wild Cafe can cure anything.