7 February 2012

Goal 25. Make £100 on Ebay

£51.99! in additon to last months £10.51 im on £62.50 which is not to be sniffed at, and after purchasing my new laptop, any spare change is very much needed! Just £37.50 to go before I reach my £100 goal :)



  1. Once I have moved and settled into my new home I am hoping to make a bit of money too, need t more now as have no income at all. I noted one of my Uni books is out of print and worth £40.00, question is will anyone buy it?! Your right £62.50 should not be sniffed at. Hope you make your target and more.

  2. Well done! I try only to spend on ebay what I make, so I really need to list a few more things - I would like to get back upto 100 items. If only it didn't take so long. I sold 3 pairs of earrings on etsy this week, though - my second and third sale!

  3. Its hard to predict what things will sell and what wont, I had some fine dresses that got no interest, I feel bad for the poor things! I wish you both sucess in your Ebay endeavors! xx