20 December 2011

New Lists

Now, I think January is a vile enough month as it is without thinking about resolutions, so I think I will set mine before we get there!
I've ticked off Ten things from my list since starting in August and I've got eight more to add to the list: I've highlighted in red the ones I'm specifically aiming to do in 2012: A lot of the usual ones I suppose, lose weight, travel, spend less money and more time (with friends)! Wish me luck, and I will wish you all luck and joy in your 2012!

The list

1.        Own a cat or dog
2.       Take a course on Sewing
3.       Own a Property
4.       Go on a yoga Retreat
5.        Drive around America for 3 months
6.       Own an Apple Computer
7.        Write a Book
8.       Own a beautiful sofa
9.       Get a job working with animals
10.     Get married
11.      Go to a Roller Disco
12.     Be in a play
13.     Weigh 9.5 Stone
14.     Give a lecture about Animals
15.     Go to New Orleans
16.     Go on a cruise down the Nile
17.     Travel to another Country by train
18.     To have a Christmas tree decorated entirely with food: candy canes, pomanders, gingerbread men.
19.     Host Christmas in my Home
20.    To have my 30th Birthday in Las Vegas
21.     Visit Miami
22.    Get my picture in the Bath Life Society Pages
23.    Live in another country (again)
24.    Paint a room
25.    Buy furniture from Rossiters
26.    Make £100 selling old clothes on Ebay
27.    Visit Cardiff
28.    Go on a cruise
29.    Go to a Christmas market outside of the UK
30.    Go to a Car boot sale
31.     Go to a Village Fair
32.    Bake fabulous Courgette + Strawberry Cupcakes to raise money for a good cause

New goals

1.        Visit Edinburgh
2.       Visit Japan
3.       Travel through India on the Maharajas' Express
4.       Visit Chicago and find a speakeasy
5.        Own a kiln – Sort of a follow up to the goal of doing a ceramics course!
6.       Make chutney
7.        To not buy any clothes for 1 year (01/01/12 to 01/01/13)
 So, the rules will be pretty simple:
I can buy underwear, shoes and bags should they be needed. But no clothes. I can accept clothes should they be gifted to me, cos I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth!
The overall plan of course will be to make more use of what I have in my wardrobe, maybe alter a few things, and to make do and mend!
8.       Spend more time visiting/hosting friends (at least once a month)
Achieved goals

1.        Take a course on Ceramics – Booked for Jan 2012
2.       Buy a fabulous watch
3.       Join the WI
4.       See a Play in London
5.        Go to a Twenties themed party as a flapper
6.       Make cushions for my home - I have done this although they are small and very amateur! I shall resolve to improve upon the last efforts
7.        Have a Facial and a manicure
8.       Embrace vintage infatuation
9.       Host an afternoon tea party (holiday tea party – roaring success)
10.     Stay in a 5* Hotel


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  1. #27 - YES! And then take the bus to St. Fagan's. The grounds of the castle were really beautiful, even in winter.
    Good luck and good wishes for the holidays!