7 November 2011

On Goals

I really enjoyed this article, (despite its rather silly title) and its' relevance to what I'm attempting to do with these lists of goals. As I suppose the underlying motivation to achieve such things as visiting New Orleans and owning a home, is that doing so will make me happy, or at least furnish me with new skills/knowledge. This article proposes that experiences and memories are better value than bought items, as they continue to bring joy and happy memories longer than objects of desire.

This article throws my goal into two distinct camps: experiences vs things which is a comparison I hadn't really thought of before. The author tells a nice story about a very expensive coat she yearned for but within weeks of purchasing this coat, it hung on the rack along with the others and wasn't particularly exciting any more: but the memory of sitting in said coat on a beach with her husband eating fish and chips brought about stronger positive feelings.

And whilst of course we will all continue to shop, a good rule of thumb is to ask yourself "will I remember this at the end of my life?" this seems very relevant when applied to my goals and prioritising them: I am certain visiting Miami, owning my first home and owning a dog are memories that will last me forever, owning an apple mac...I'm not so sure.

So dear readers, consider this before spending your hard earned clams....


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  1. Sometimes they creep up on you, though, for example: I have items of clothing/footwear which I have ahd for years, which are not particularly valuable, but it's only once they're completely worn out and I'm contemplating getting rid of them that I realise how much we've been through together :)