28 November 2011


My word, that went by so fast! I am now back on the shores of blighty and much missing the US of A!
Its my first day back at work after a magical vacation, my email inbox overfloweth... and I dont fancy attending to a single one! Boo to work!

I have so much to tell you! Firstly Newport mansions, so spectaularly amazing and captivating I think I will do a whole seperate post on it! Suffice to say due to my 'Scanner' personality I am now hoovering up any books I can find on the Vanderbilts, who owned two of the largest mansions that we visited, filled to the brim with gold, marble and beautiful things.

I have roughly 350 photos, so as you can imagine picking just a few was tricky, so I will summarise some highlights:
1) me and mumsy: this is our 3rd trip to Boston together, last year we came in summer so it was sweltering but I think I like winter in Boston best, Its always sunny and crisp in Fall :) here we are in Boston Public Gardens

2) Faneuil Hall Christmas tree, the largest in New England and surrounded by lovely shops and cafes, lovely!

 3) The rotunda of the Boston Harbor Hotel: they have a variety of giant banners they hang from here, on thanksgiving it was the most patriotic....

4) The food: So good, so plentiful! I took pics of almost all our meals like a complete tourist! but this is a Boston Cream Pie and hot buttered Rum mmmmmmm :)

5) More decorations: I loved these giants baubles, scattered around our fave shopping mall, The Prudential, as though fallen from one giant tree!

6) The Museum of Fine Arts: we went to see a display called "Jewels, Gems and Treasures" Swoon!

7) 'Holiday High Tea' Oh, what a wonderful idea! high tea served during the festive season at Boston Harbor Hotel, christmas carols playing, champagne, festive themed teas (I had New England Christmas tea: apple and cranberry, and mumsy had Cinnamon Plum, both divine) snowflake cookies and many, many delicious cakes and pastries. These were homemade scones in cranberry and lemon and poppyseed flavour:

So, in my next post I'll tell you all about Newport, the Gilded age and how blimmin' awesome it must have been to be a vanderbilt!


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  1. I love that you and your mum colour-coordinated! Looks like an absolutely gorgeous holiday dear, can't wait to see more :)