21 March 2013

Solo Travel

I sat with a girl called Rosie in the marketing office today, helping her stuff envelopes for 2 hours, we got to talking and we found that going to New Orleans was on both our travel wish lists. I almost begged her to agree that we go together!

I always think that one of the greatest things about having a significant other is that you have an adventure partner at your permanent disposal, whereas the single traveller has to seek out people to travel with (I know some people are more than happy to travel alone - but it does make things more enjoyable and somewhat safer to travel with a companion)

So last year when Sarah suggested Amsterdam and Mary-Anne agreed to Stockholm I sure as hell jumped at these chances. I do worry, I worry that when my friends settle down and buy houses and have children they will be less inclined to join me on such adventures. I worry I won't find someone prepared to drive around America with me, go to Istanbul with me, the Nile, Miami, Japan, the Maharajas Express, Hawaii....
I sound something like a spoilt child here! expecting people to accompany on all my travel whims, but really I suppose I would just really like someone to enjoy these adventures with: hence wrangling anyone who mentions somewhere they would like to travel!

Also I'm sure there is a lesson here about taking every opportunity, taking every offer to visit people in foreign climes, and maybe take on a few more solo adventures. As I suppose much as it may scare me, far better to travel to these places alone: than not at all....


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