17 December 2012

Catching up again....

I wrote this post on Inspiration in April! my god, this year has gone fast, but also pretty well: I feel hopeful and excited for 2013, but I am also very aware I am failing at these goals that have been hanging around for some time now! Goal 22.Weigh 9.7 Stone, Goal 18. Get a job working with animals.

Now, I was delighted to receive a bonus at work today and I want to be sure to put it to the best possible use, so 2013 will see me:

1) Starting crossfit: I'll be doing a introductory month to see how it all goes!
2) Taking this animal care course that I said I would do for the last 2 years! :P

So come April 2013: I may not have completely got everything sorted, but I WILL be closer than I am today, which a nice hopeful thought for the new year!

Merry Christmas to you all and all my best wishes for a happy new year!


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