8 November 2012

Pride comes before...

You'll remember I was dead chuffed to have found a little holiday flat to let via AirBnB for my impending trip to Stockholm.

Well a word of warning dears, The owner cancelled our booking yesterday: a mere 3 weeks before we set off! He was very apologetic but at such short notice I was a tad alarmed that I wouldn't be able to find a decent replacement and we'd end up in a hostel. Luckily, Expedia to the rescue: The Adlon Hotel was holding a 40% off sale: what luck! so we got a mini suite and B+B for the same price as our AirBnB studio flat.

So this is both a reassuring story of serendipity and things working out but also a cautionary tale: I had no idea our booking could be cancelled at such a late stage.

Lets have some piccies shall we?!
Our new Hotel:

And a pretty travel poster


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