23 April 2012

Lets Get Inspired...

One of the things I really like about the blogging community is the inspiration that can be taken from a wealth of fantastic Blogs:

The ever amazing 'One Twenty Five' Suggests what if I were to tell you that a year from now, a year from this very moment, me and you had done it? I love this idea, and like all good ideas, I'm going to pilfer the essence of it and make it my own. Today: St Georges day (by happy coincidence) One year from today I WILL be in a job I am proud to tell people about and that fulfils me, to be a weight I am happy with, and to be free of regret and jealousy (I'll comment on this jealous streak I've developed in another post).

In this post Her Library Adventures looks at the little things that change our worlds, I was inspired to create my own list.

Things that changed my world

University of Bath: Where I got my degree and the experience was truly the making of me

Boston - Living there was simultaneous the hardest, and most wonderful thing I have done to date: I gave up everything to be there, but I wouldn't change it.
Fictional characters (Like WWJD, but with glamorous women...)
Vesper Lynd – Casino Royal
Paula Debevoise (Marilyn Monroe) – How to Marry a millionaire
The Holy Bible - The Manic Street Preachers - The soundtrack of My Teens
Vehicles and Animals – Athlete - The soundtrack to my freshers year
The Sunset Tree- The Mountain Goats - The soundtrack to my year in Boston

Rossiters: for every dream I have for my own home one day

Herein I shall find my inspiration and draw a little hope, I've done great things so far in my life, it shoudn't stop now!


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  1. Good list! There's always tea and cake, too. I can't think of many situations which would not be improved by adding tea and cake.