30 January 2012

Do one thing every day that scares you

I've never been a fan of this slogan (Sorry Eleanor). For a start where are you going to find that many things that scare you? unless you do the same one every day and then frankly, I'd find that amount of fear exhausting!

But I am a supporter of doing things that scare you on a less regular basis; to prove you can do anything, and to continue to achieve things, its good to shake yourself out of your comfort zone every now and then. Case in point I have an interview on Thursday with Guide Dogs for The Blind as a Canine Research Associate (Goal No.9 Get a job working with animals)

And I am SCARED, terrified, I even thought about not going, I have to go of course. The job is amazing, to do something that's really going to help people and utilise my MSc in Animal Behaviour and the money is better! But I'm scared cos I have to give a presentation in the interview, and have an interview at all.
I shall be discovered as a complete retard and thrown out of there, so much better to stay in my safe admin office where life is easy :P and if I got the job, I'd have to move! new scary city, new scary job. Of course I am going, and even if I don't get the job I will be pleased that I have done something that scares me, and proved that I am worthy to be considered for such a role.


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  1. Don't be scared! I know all about staying in the comfort zone, so I am so proud of you for even applying for all these exciting jobs! Remember, they wouldn't have given you an interview if they didn't think you could do it :)